Christmas Day is on December the 25th, celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God.
People around the world celebrate Christmas now, whether they are Christians or not. On this day, family and friend come together and remember the good things they have. It’s the time people, especially children give and receive presents.
The meaning of "Merry Christmas"
Themselves from "Merry" was instilled in us a joy, happy, warm feeling because it is associated with Christmas. Although activities celebrating Christmas has started from the fourth century AD, but only until 1699, then to say "Merry Christmas" was used.

During the Christmas holidays, not only Catholics, but almost everyone in the class, or whether different religions were also sent to several wishes "Merry Christmas". In the phrase Merry Christmas, "Merry" means joy and "Christmas" means the lamb of God (using the old English). tủ giầyMany people use the word "Happy" instead of "Merry" to wish each other during Christmas. The words "Happy Christmas" became popular all over the world in the nineteenth century, when it was used by the British Queen Elizabeth II.

Christmas symbols and meanings

Advent ring
Advent round leaves are circles connected by green foliage usually placed on a table or hung from the ceiling so that everyone could see. Trees were decorated for the occasion of the winter solstice feast - signs of winter coming to an end. On 4 candle placed within the leaf. This custom initiated by the Gunners faithful Lutheran in Germany in the 16th century to express the struggle between light and darkness.
Round leaves are round speaks eternal personality and endless love of God. Green said to hope that the Messiah would come to save people. 4 includes three tree candle purple - the color of Advent, 4th tree is pink, the color of the Third Sunday of Advent, also known as the Sunday of Rejoicing.
Christmas card
Originates from 1843 when Henry Cole, a wealthy merchant of England, asked Horsley, an artist in London, designed a nice card to give to friends. At Christmas that year, Horsley unveiled the first card in the world and then it was printed in 1000 copies. Christmas cards quickly broke out and became all the rage in the UK during the 10 years since the British government passed a law in 1846 allowing any citizen who send mail to anywhere cheaply. Soon, this movement was introduced to Germany and to 30 years after the Americans accepted it.
Christmas tree
Christmas tree originated from Germany from the 16th century is the plant life in this harsh climate, but retains the look strong, solid and permanent blue. Gradually the image of this species appeared more frequently and it is considered the heart of the festival, where people hold hands danced around the tree elaborately decorated both inside and outside with flowers pink, apple and colored paper.
Today, close to Christmas, people usually buy a Christmas tree and decorations on them the stars, the European results, glitter-encrusted band, flowers ... The tree is considered a symbol of hope and new life in the new year festivities.
Gifts of the sock
Legend has that house has 3 girl to to marriageable age, but no guy snooping because of family too poor. The bishop of Myra very merciful so threw gold coins down the chimney of 3 girls. These gold coins falling from the roof right down to the socks that she hung hong fireside. Needless to say that she also knew how delighted. They had the opportunity to carry out his wishes.
Other miraculous stories are spread everywhere, everyone want to be lucky as 3 girls so they imitating hung stockings by the fireplace to hopefully receive a gift. Children hope to get the most gifts. Everyone in the house also take this opportunity to give gifts to the children with the expectation that they will be obedient and good student. From which children hang stockings keep the fireplace easy as receiving gifts from Santa Claus dream.
Christmas star
5 pointed star often appears brilliant colors of the Christmas season. A huge star hung in the highest place of the church steeple. Since then stretch out the four sides, there are many little stars, hanging lantern and the flowers are very beautiful.
The star became a meaning symbol of the Christmas season and is the most luxurious place to hang in the chapel, religious establishments in bringing Christmas to remember the volume on. Due to the significance stars also symbolize the miracle of God.
Santa Claus
The origin of the word "Santa" (Santa Claus) or St. Nicholas began in Turkey since the fourth century. From childhood church was a very pious and gave his life for the Christian religion. St. Nicholas is especially celebrated for his love for children and his generosity.
St. Nicholas is the patron of sailors, Xi-please-li island, Greece and Russia, and of course is the sponsor holy well of the children. On 16th century, in Dutch, children often put their wooden shoe beside the fireplace in the hope that they will be filled St. Nicholas treats.
Candy cane
In the 1800s, a candy in India who want to express the meaning of Christmas through a symbol made of candy. He began to implement their ideas by bending one of his candy
bars into the shape of a candy cane. Through his candy cane, he combined the symbols of love and sacrifice of Jesus. White represents purity and innocence of Jesus.
Then, three small stripes to symbolize the pain that the Lord has suffered before
he died on the cross evil. Three stripes which are manifestations of God's holy trinity (the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit). He added a bold stripe to represent the blood that Jesus shed for mankind. When looking at the hook of the stick, we see it exactly the shepherd's rod for by Jesus is a shepherd people. If you turn the rod, it becomes the letter J symbolizing the first letter of the name by Jesus (Jesus). Thanks to workers made candy that everyone knows Christmas is talking about.
Christmas bells
In some Asian cultures, the bell used to signal the public that a joyful event
or a sad event has occurred to the brain. After Christmas the Christ Child, is transmitted to the practice for the Western countries to vibrate welcome the
Saviour to the ceiling.

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