In Japanese, Kiri means cut and kami means paper. Basically, Kirigami includes some main steps of cutting, folding and sometimes glue is used to stick layers. Most paper is often folded once, then twice, and even a third time. Therefore, it is said that kirigami is one of the least expensive arts to undertake because all needed are the paper and some small implements to manage the tiny folds and cuts. Through some thin paper, the last aim of Kirigami is to make the structure and symmetry stand out in every design.

Symmetry plays a dominant role in Kirigami features. When the paper is folded before it is cut, the resulting design will be the same on both sides. In other words, when the design is finished, it will have an amazingly perfect symmetry such as a snowflake, a star, a flower, etc.


In modern time, the help of advanced technology, especially, the precision of computers has allowed us to cut with surprisingly high accuracy, large quantity. The pop-up designs are popularly sold in Vietnam, China and even New York. However, it is not considered being original Kirigami. Those are the latest mix and match of paper cutting and folding with the help of computers.

The applications of Kirigami are clearly indisputable. Kirigami is also increasingly used in modern arts such as fashion, furniture, and jewelry.

Kirigami in fashion is exceptionally stunning.

Kirigami picture is also incredible.

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