Origamic Architecture (OA) is a form of Kirigami, an elegant combination between Kirigami (paper cutting) and Origami (paper folding). Paper is cut and folded, which is based on the idea of the craftsmen and when opened, amazingly in the center is a 3D object in front of us. To be specific, OA is designed to make the three-dimensional features of space, structure, and objects stand out. Therefore, OA highly requires the abstraction, association, observation, and logic from both the craftsmen and the audience.

OA is primarily used to make pop up card by folding and cutting steps with a view to converting real 3D objects to 2D and one more time converting 2D objects to 3D on paper. Pop up card strikes us a lot with the ability to imitate objects as a real one. Therefore, a lot of not only beautiful but also cheap souvenirs are popularly made. 

The basic OA contains simple cutting and folding steps of a piece of paper. When it is unfolded to 90°, a three-dimensional pop-up is formed.

Another popular type of OA is 180° pop-up model. Some pieces are used for cutting and folding process. Different pieces of cut and folded paper are put together to make a 180° pop-up.


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