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This pop-up card features an illustration of the piano.  Open the card, it reveals a three-dimensional popup of a magnificent red. Besides, it is also elegantly adorned with the word "Happy Birthday" 


The piano is an instrument favored by many people in the world. The sound produced by the violin is romantic and comfortable. Therefore, give this card to those who love the piano or play the piano. They will emotional because you deeply understand them.

Card features:

  • This popup card is 90 degree-open card, made of high-quality paper imported from Japan, Korea, and Italy and also vibrant in colors.

  • Almost handmade, therefore, it seems meticulously lifelike.

  • It can be used as a perfect gift for many occasions in a year such as Birthday, Thank you card, Congratulations card, Happy Women Day card.

Additional card details:

  • A card is put in 01 plastic bag fit size and 01 white envelope.

  • Customers order directly from this website.

  • For larger order, please contact us to get discount and free customized designs.

  • Size: 5x7 inch


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