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The red front cover of this pop up card features an illustration of a red turtle. He is happy and riding a bike with may gifts such as birthday cake, flowers. 


Birthday is an endless topic for NINRIO to get inspiration. The birthday marks the milestones made through a year and brings friends and family together. Therefore, our card will help you to convey your best wishes to your close friends.

Card features:

  • This pop up card is 180 degree-open card, made of high-quality paper imported from Japan, Korea, and Italy and also vibrant in colors.

  • Almost handmade, therefore, it seems meticulously lifelike.

  • It can be used as a perfect gift for birthday.

Additional card details:

  • A card is put  in 01 plastic bag fit size and 01 white envelope 

  • Customers order directly from this website.

  • For larger order, please contact us to get discount and free customized designs.

  • Size: 5x7 inch




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