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Card style: 3D card/ Congratulation Card/ Art Card/ Birthday Card / Thank you Card /Invitation Card / Grand opening Card/ handicraft/ Paper Card/ Christmas Card/Famous architecture Card/ Building Card/ Stadium Card/ Customized design Card /Paper Art/ holiday card / New year card/ Magic card/Happy card/Honey moon card/I Love You Card/ Love confession/Dance card/Baby card/Declaration of love/Halloween card/New Year Card/Happy moment/Women’s day card/father’s day cardBusiness card/Valentines card/Sport card/ Memories cards/Seasion greeting card


- Material: made of high-quality paper (Kishu paper)  imported from Japan with vibrant in colors.

- Style :180 degree-open card. Handmade and craft product,

- Size: diversity of sizes. (10x 15, 13x18, 15x20, 12.5x7.5, 12x12, 12x12, 15x15 (cm))

- A card is put in 01 plastic bag fit size and 01 white envelope.

-  Customise and logo will be made as your requirement.

- Assurance 100 % of manufacture, packing until received product.

- With order 500 piece, you get discount and free customized designs.

- Small box: 25 – 30 cards in a box fit size

- Big box: 18 – 22 small boxes fit size

- Total weight: 15 – 20 kg

  • SKU: SS025



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