Ninrio Pop Up Card dreams that every our Handmade procduct we create will bring luck and happiness to the recipients.

From there, we chose our name “Ninrio”. It means the sound of messages Is the sound of connection, emotional transmission.
Because of that, we always want to bring you – the most beloved customers, joy, emotions, even the smallest in your own life.We are now proud to say that our dream has come true. Millions of 3D greeting card have reached and touched millions of recipients. In other words, We had our faith, dared to hope and got some luck to become today’s Ninrio. The only left leave is charity. We acknowledge that as a community, we are responsible for sharing the burden and helping others. We desired to contribute to bringing these autism children to become more socialized and helping them with treatment classes.

 How will Ninrio Pop Up Card help you solve problems in life?

1. Decorate your House.

You see, Ninrio has extremely diverse and practical items. If you have a new home, you don’t know how to fill the void in your house’s wall? Let Ninrio help you, we have many designs of canvas paintings: Suitable from paintings of living room, kitchen, including bathrooms. In addition, Ninrio has high quality Vietnamese silk paintings, you can make gifts, gifts, or decorate the most important part for your home!

2. Great gift for babies, kids. (Wooden Toys)

To ignite imagination and wonder so children discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose. Our Toys made with quality and care, our toys inspire a world of discovery and hands-on learning. Experts say the best toys are those that encourage interaction. Our toys are designed to inspire engagement and connection with your child. Many even include enrichment ideas right on the packaging. Because kids who can imagine the possibilities become grown-ups who can make their dreams a reality!

3. Make you more beautiful (Silk Scarf)

Ninrio’s silk scarf collection will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Ninrio’s silk scarf is made of 100% high quality silk of Vietnam, bringing the most beautiful and lightest colors. Ninrio will definitely make you the most stylish and beautiful.

In addition, the girls who love the sun and sea, love the environment protection bags, please visit the booth of ticting right away. Countless choices from handmade products of Ninrio: Straw HatThe Woven baketry

4. Help you be more active with collection of Work shoes

It can be said that Ninrio is like a mini supermarket, we help you to buy almost all of your favorite items in life at the same time, and of course, we can’t lack training shoes. We are confident with extremely stylish and trend-based shoe designs but still bring you the best quality: durability and comfort.


We own a young passionate and talented team that always keeping up with the latest designing trend. From building an idea of turning it into a real product, our team members always accomplish their job beautifully, and with surprising speed.