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Vietnam Popup Card has a pretty young history, developed in the past thirty years. Those who love this modern art seem to be unaware of the creator who is the architect – Professor Chatani Masahiro at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. In a thought about the method of reducing the cost of civil housing design in 1981, he happened to think about combining paper and accessories and glue to create housing models. After studying, he discovered that this new and fascinating art was born. Different from the art of Origami that is based on a sheet of paper to create different shapes, Origamic Architecture is the cutting of paper and rejoining in three dimensions. . He used Origami (paper folding) and Kirigami (paper cutting art) techniques as well as his experience in architectural design to create more complex models, creating great effects with light. and darkness. Many of his compositions are only made from white paper, when forming works often emphasize the shadow effect of cuts and folds. Not only architectural models are included in 3D cards such as castles, temples, colorful flower gardens, etc., but this type of card also shows a lot of models in life or abstract works. statues and fine art.

Based on the opening angle of a card, one can classify Vietnam Popup Card  into 4 main categories:

            90 ° cards are the most popular and easiest to create. When folding a piece of paper and attaching the edge to another piece of paper as a cover, use a knife to create and create your own works such as a ladder, kittens sitting under a window or even a court. Ancient home library of the world.

            The second type is the 180 ° card. This type of complexity takes a lot of time to get ideas and effort to implement. The design of this type of card combines the assembly of many small pieces cut from paper together to form the whole. It could be a One Pillar model, a boat, a miniature flower pot, .. very lively.

Although not as popular as the two types above, the 0 ° category also creates an unexpected charm. Based on the paper cutting keeps the shape without cutting and putting two sheets of paper together, the “play” creates a beautiful picture of the seasons of the year, the waves … Can you become a painter touching the easel and crayon, you paint a picture with only a knife and paper …

Vietnam Popup Card The most difficult, and the least common is the 360 ​​type, for example, the globe shape when opening 360-degree cards will be folded into a very fancy look. Hopefully, this card will be more developed in the future.