Get Great 3D Card Discounts on Ninrio’s 10th Birthday

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Happy 10th Birthday to NINRIO

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Origamic Architecture

Origamic architecture is a form of kirigami that involves the three-dimensional reproduction of architecture and monuments, on various scales, using cut-out and folded paper, usually thin paperboard. Visually, these creations are comparable to intricate ‘pop-ups’, indeed, some works are deliberately engineered to possess ‘pop-up’-like properties. However, origamic architecture tends to be cut out of a single sheet of paper, whereas most pop-ups […]


The fire of the paris church ( Notre Dame De Paris ) in France has made the hearts of millions of French people and people around the world shattered when witnessing one of the symbols of France collapsing, the historical site of French civilization after nearly ten centuries of destruction. To commemorate this great building, […]