10 traditional Christmas Dishes in the world

tree christmas

Turkey, gingerbread, Peppermint candy… are the traditional Christmas dishes. Let’s find more information about them with Ninrio. 1. Turkey: Turkey is at the top of 10 traditional Christmas dishes of the Westerner. In fact, the explorer Sebastian has brought the turkey to the England in the sixteenth century. Afterwards, turkey turned into a popular dish […]

When Did Christmas Card Come From?

Christmas Tree Card – Christmas 3D Popup Card

In Western, giving each other Christmas card is very common. Have you ever wonder about the origins of Christmas Card? 1. The first Christmas Card. Have you ever wonder when did Christmas card come from? Let’s find out the origin of the first Christmas card with Ninrio. Before Christmas card, people oftens send each other […]

Reveal The “Secret” About Christmas Gingerbread

What is gingerbread

For westerner, gingerbread is indispensable in Christmas. Let’s find the secret information about this cake with Ninrio. 1. What is gingerbread? For western countries, gingerbread is an indispensable part in Christmas. It is a kind of cookie. It has a special flavor of ginger and some other flavors like sugar, honey and cloves…Then, people ground […]

11 Top Christmas Traditions in the World

Witches give Christmas gifts, throw shoes, parade skulls … are the Christmas characteristics of many countries. Ninrio introduces you the 11 top Christmas Traditions in the world 1. Parade the horse skull In South Wales, there is a custom called Mari Lwyd. A resident of the town is marching with a horse skull throughout the […]

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Origamic Architecture

Origamic architecture is a form of kirigami that involves the three-dimensional reproduction of architecture and monuments, on various scales, using cut-out and folded paper, usually thin paperboard. Visually, these creations are comparable to intricate ‘pop-ups’, indeed, some works are deliberately engineered to possess ‘pop-up’-like properties. However, origamic architecture tends to be cut out of a single sheet of paper, whereas most pop-ups […]