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Popup Card As a pioneering company in the field of gifts, especially the craft paper industry with bold Vietnamese identity and culture, Ninrio has created a very unique new product type and introduced it to you. friends all over the world more than 8 years ago: pop up cards or 3d floating cards. Different from other types of traditional printed cards, each card with 3D embossed print pattern or fancy pop up form when opened will be interesting for viewers.
This is a Popup Card product made from high-quality paper materials imported from Japan, Korea and Italy, novel designs and diverse in many different topics such as Christmas cards, birthday cards, cards love, architectural cards … Products show sophistication and creativity, showing the ingenuity and meticulousness of human hands.
Through activities at the trade fair this time, Ninrio hopes to have more opportunities to exchange and receive consumer tastes from there to constantly improve quality, product design and enhance competitiveness. in domestic and foreign markets.