10 traditional Christmas Dishes in the world

tree christmas
Turkey, gingerbread, Peppermint candy… are the traditional Christmas dishes. Let’s find more information about them with Ninrio.

1. Turkey:

Turkey is at the top of 10 traditional Christmas dishes of the Westerner.
In fact, the explorer Sebastian has brought the turkey to the England in the sixteenth century. Afterwards, turkey turned into a popular dish of the British people every Christmas.
By 1621, British settlers came to the United States to turn Turkey into a popular Christmas dish. Turkey is so famous that England writer Charles Dickens has brought it to his famous work A Christmas Carol.
In 1788, this dish spread to Australia and gradually become a dispensable dish at Christmas.
turkey christmas

2. Peppermint Candy:

For Westerner, peppermint Candy is a dispensable traditional Christmas dish. The swirling pink or blue sweets are very attractive.
In the past, Candy is white and straight shape. Later, the leader of the Cologne Cathedral choir transformed into a candy cane. Later, people added red stripes and mint flavor to the candy.
peppermint candy christmas

3. Gingerbread

Gingerbread appeared in the 8th century, made from pieces of bread boiled in honey along with ginger and other spices.
By the 16th century, the British replaced bread crumbs with flour, added eggs, added sweetness … in many different shapes. The most common are probably humanoid gingerbread and house shaped gingerbread.
Gingerbread christmas

4. Pudding

Pudding is considered a very popular dessert cake at Christmas in Western countries. The main ingredients of this dish are flour, milk, sugar, and eggs.
By the 15th century, pudding was made from prunes, wine, finely chopped veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, vegetable onions, dried fruits and spices.
By the 16th century, vegetables and meat were gradually replaced. And by the 19th century, its ingredients were mainly flour, milk, sugar, and eggs.
Pudding christmas
Pudding christmas

5. Tree log

Tree crackers are a traditional Christmas dish that is always present at a Western party. According to legend, during the Yule festival of ancient Scangdinavia, one must prepare a large log. Then burned for 12 nights to welcome the return of the sun god. If the tree trunk burns before the end of the festival, they will be unlucky.
In another legend, Westerners have a custom of cutting down a big tree on Christmas Eve. Then, place it on the fireplace, sprinkle with some oil, salt, hot wine and pray. They said that this protects the house from thunder and the intrusion of demons.
In 1875, a French baker made a log to replace the real log. After that, people used pine trees, snowmen, Santa Claus … to decorate the cake more vividly. It is believed that eating a Christmas tree will bring good luck.
tree christmas

6. Salted pork leg

For Vietnamese, this may seem strange, but in fact it is a popular Christmas dish in the West.
This dish originated in Norway, with the main ingredient being wild boar. During the Christmas season, people often eat this type of meat, just enjoy the song dedicated to Christmas.
Salted pork leg
Salted pork leg

7. Pate Cake

This is a very special dish on Christmas dip. It is different from pate made from ordinary ingredients. The main ingredient of this dish is the heart, liver, brain … of deer.
At first, pate cake was a dish of aristocracy. By the 17th century, the type of cake gradually popularized and became more popular around Christmas.
Pate Cake christmas
Pate Cake christmas

8. Meat Pie

In the list of traditional Christmas dishes can not help but mention meat pie. The cake is like a “bag” when contained inside “the whole world” such as minced meat, fruit, sugar and special spices …
People eat this cake with the desire to always be happy, full and full of cake.
Meat Pie christmas

9. Ball-point sweets

This is probably the food that children especially enjoy every Christmas. Ball candies have many different flavors and have a round shape like very lovely bird eggs.
Ball-point sweets

10. Soup

Soup is a familiar daily dish of Western people. And also indispensable traditional Christmas food. With the meaning of a desire for good health, suop is used as a popular appetizer at Christmas parties. Depending on the taste of each family, the cook will choose and prepare the most appropriate soup.
Above are 10 traditional Christmas dishes of Western countries. Ninrio invites you to refer to information related to Christmas on the website: Ninrio.com

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